ADS Planning is a specialist Crowd Dynamics and Emergency Management consultancy. We specialise in analysing people movement and flow through space under both normal and emergency circumstances to achieve optimum space performance with higher levels of safety and security.

Using cutting edge simulations and robust crowd modelling we take the unknowns out of the planning and decision making process. We work across a variety of sectors including transport, education, hospitality, sports and entertainment venues. Our scope of work extends to strategic threat analysis, security, counter-terrorism, business continuity and asset protection across a plethora of industries.

Solid Solutions for complex environments...



Enabling Informed facility design decisions through solid, scientific assessments…

  • Level of Service Analysis
  • Capacity Assessment
  • Sensitivity Studies
  • Value Engineering


Services that identify risks and put robust plans in place to counter them...

  • Ingress & Egress Planning
  • Evacuation Analysis
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Contingency Planning


Protecting individuals, public facilities and assets...

  • Threat Analysis
  • Event Management
  • Strategic planning
  • Training

Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a comprehensive solution to provide the maximum in space-performance for each and every project.

Our Approach

We work with otherwise untold variables to meet the uniquely demanding needs of each client with an unnegotiatingly meticulous approach to their project..

Our Strucutre

We thrive on overcoming challenges through a flexible collaboration of a wide and diverse network of professionals and specialists to create the perfect team for each project.

What we do?

keep people moving
  • Bologna International Airport
  • Virgin Trains
  • Abu Dhabi Airport
  • London Heathrow Airport
Create better environments
  • NRP Enterprise Centre
  • UEA Central Library
  • Carrefour Superstore
  • Lang House Centre
Keep people safe
  • Wimbledon Championship 2013
  • The Holy Mosque of Mecca
  • Reading Festival