About us

Regardless of the client that we’re working for and the industry that a project pertains to, there is one notion that is universal, and that is the paramount importance of being able to make reliable decisions, based upon robust analysis.

Our deep understanding of crowd dynamics in the context of many environments and scenarios, as well as our wider knowledge of industry specific requirements, enable us to offer diverse range of products and solutions.


Our Story

Our business has its roots in digital modelling and the creation of virtual reality since 2005.

We worked along architects, planners and stakeholders providing accurate three-dimensional prototypes and demonstrations to enable reliable decision making.

Our Methods

Our role developed over time, and so is the sophistication of our methodologies and data output, moving from visuals to advanced simulations and comprehensive analysis of crowd movements and space syntax. We utilise state-of-the-art crowd-modelling methods to analyse the variation in occupancy over time, taking into account space-specific factors such as demography and the expected behaviour of occupants.

Our expertise has gone much wider and beyond providing just models and simulations enabling us to provide solid solutions for complex environments

Our Scope

Our services are capable of being applied across an extensive range of projects, from large masses of people using transport networks, which involves the consideration of logistics and management issues, to property development, civil protection and organisational resilience.

Our Team

The success of the projects that we undertake revolves around our ability to understand client requirements and there is no tool in the world, cutting edge or otherwise that can achieve this without the professional expertise of our staff who are as experienced as they are personable.

The ADS Planning team is comprised of a variety of people with an even greater variety of professional backgrounds. We draw from a diverse network of professional specialists to ensure that we always have the right team for the job.