Our Services

Our services incorporate each and every aspect of people’s movement. Whether this be tens or hundreds of thousands of people in a city evacuation, or intermittent crowds that move through transport centres, our services adapt to the varying environments of the projects that we undertake.

Our consultancy services provide our clients with optimal space performance whilst improving levels of safety and security in both normal circumstances and in critical, emergency situations.

Quality, Safety and Security are the three core principles upon which our services are based. These are not only terms that encapsulate everything that we focus upon, but they are also terms that summarise the added value to the projects that we undertake.



We provide thorough analysis of space capacity and circulation routes which can be used to inform a performative design process. Whilst conventional design methods are based largely on static occupancy figures, it is the dynamics of occupants movement throughout the building which are often overlooked. This potentially results in bottlenecks, surges, and delays which negatively affect the user experience, and could also lead to severe safety risk in overcrowded areas.

Whilst under-designing a space could significantly affect its performance, over-design is an egregious waste of resources and is equally to be avoided: for that reason, we strive to ensure that our analysis provides a thorough, detailed framework upon which to base building design.



Whilst many businesses find it difficult to justify spending on thorough safety measures, the financial risk which this attitude enables is one of incalculable cost to both image and infrastructure.

For that reason, we offer a number of safety features including: ingress and egress planning, evacuation analysis, dynamic risk assessment, and contingency planning.

By preparing for the worst, you are ensuring for the best, and by employing our dynamic crowd-modelling methods, we are able to offer detailed safety advice for maximal resource- and time-efficiency.



The combined expertise of our team makes us a strong choice for security advice from a crowd-management perspective. Our services encompass threat analysis, civil protection, and event management.

We can also advise, develop plans and provide training to assist with special events such as protests or religious festivals.

We work with our clients to identify potential areas in which a risk of rivalry or an outbreak of violence may be likely, and in doing so, we can enhance the opportunity to protect facilities, assets and, vitally, the individuals themselves.